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Jonah's Health
27th Feb 2012

Jonah's Health


As endless words circulate, I thought it best to write things exactly as they are with Jonah's current health status.

Well aware of the worldly concern his fan family have for him, this piece is in their honor.

It's been a time loaded or should I say "overloaded" with challenge upon challenge in regards to Jonah's health, however during every challenge, he has my full support and has maintained good spirits and a postivie mindframe.

With a team of fantastic doctors to aid his needs, to this day he is in recovery from an infection and is doing well. Sadly, that's not to say that he is on the mend fully but we remain hopeful. At this very moment, it's said that he needs another transplant, until then he continues to have dialysis 3 times a week.

We are both very touched by the endless messages sent in from all over the world. Thankfully blessed with the prayers of many and those fasting throughout the world for Jonah's recovery too. I'm truely honoured to hear that he gave back to so many of his fans, from talking to them, placing his autograph on something, taking a photo with them, sending uplifiting messages of support to others in time of need to even giving a guy some fizzy after a game as he said in his email sent in to Jonah. Jonah has made an amazing impact on the world in many ways and it's wonderful to hear of.

His journey, especially from his early playing days until now has been what it is because of the support from his fan family and Jonah having shared his talent, skill and ability with his fans the best way he could, giving them an experience no other could give them.

"So for now, it's one day at a time but for every morning we are in this world, we stand forever thankful to the man above, for what we have, have had and will have" - Nadene Lomu