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Almost 10 days on tour throughout the United Kingdom, Jonah Lomu and the fantastic crew have now landed in Ireland.

Lomu is currently gearing up to head to the game in Dublin for the All Blacks Vs Ireland match, but not to the pitch of the Aviva Statium for him this time, it's straight to the corporate boxes where the lengend Jonah Lomu will mix and mingle with corporates of a great nation. Shaking the hands of his many fans along the way and sharing the love he has always had for the game of rugby.

When asking Jonah's opinion of the game just hours before he heads to the stadium, Jonah said "the Irish are a team not to under estimate, when playing at home they always seem to get themselves up against the mightly All Blacks so if they start well it's going to be a long day at the office for the men in black".

This evening there is an exclusive show called 'An Audience with Jonah Lomu', there's a great night ahead. A fantastic event to close a day in Dublin for the many thousands of Jonah fans in Dublin.

Be part of a great night with Jonah Lomu at The Clyde Court Hotel, door tickets available so don't miss out on a chance to get up close with the global superstar LOMU!

Tomorrow Jonah will head to Limerick nearing the final of his tour, a tour of which has been overwhelming not only to his fans but to those involved.

All auction items sold at each event are taken by the promotion company who retain the proceeds. For avoidance of doubt and clarification, no proceeds were collected or taken by Jonah Lomu in any way. 


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