Jonah visits Santiago, Chile

Chile FIIS 2014 Santiago


The great Jonah Lomu, adored by many around the world, including South America. The only one that could be the cause of the wildest chanting as he walked across the locals rugby field in Santiago today. Fans of all ages flocked at the chance to meet the great Jonah Lomu screaming and shouting his name!

The media demands and requests are never dull when it comes to Jonah, his visit to Santiago was covered as an interview in the largest magazine in Chile creating arrival excitement upon landing.

Jonah Lomu still a hero, an idol and inspiration to every individual in Jonah's presence as they continuously expressed to the translator with excitement.

Lomu spent hours with his fans, taking time signing autographs, photos and selfies with the locals that just couldn't get enough of the great rugby legend but were clearly very thankful to him for his time. - Liz Croft

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