They say time heals but I really don't know when that time arrives....🖤

When I talk about you Jonah I still cry, when I read and write about you I still cry and today has been a day I have never acknowledged for the past 6 years until now.

While it will never be a day I celebrate, I cannot ignore what I have had to endure since loosing you Jonah and how much I've learnt along the way! Tears flood my eyes, my head hurts, my hands shake, my heart feels shattered and I can't stop the thumping through my chest. I feel sick and I just want to curl up with a blanket over my head and wake up back in yesterday!

I miss you so much Jonah and every day I wish you were still here, still here by my side to help me through as this 6 year battle still isn't over! I will not stop Jonah until it is, you made me promise....I'm over being taken advantage of while in my most vulnerable state of grief and heartbreak, enough is enough! 6 years is beyond bu#*sh₩t!

To everyone that has and continues to support the boys and I, I will forever be grateful and I know Jonah would be too, so thank you from the bottom of my aching heart.

To my parents, I've said it before and I say it again, had it not been for my mum, dad, sisters and sons, I would not be here today to do what I do. My parents have done more than some parents would and even grandparents would do too to be here for the boys and I.
Suicide is real guys, when we get pushed hard enough to breaking point we can't see a way out no matter how many people love us! I've felt that way only after loosing my Jonah. WHY, because things happened that never would have happened if Jonah were still here with us today!

Jonah, you and your boys are my strength, your boys are my driving force and reason I will never stop pushing so hard to rebuild our life...I'd give up everything I have for you to still be here with us, every second, every minute, even just one more moment together to feel our love and to smile together like we once did. 💔

I love you Jonah and will never stop loving you. Every person I strive to help and serve within my Real Estate career and carrying on your Phenomenal Legacy work together with your boys, I know you glide right by my side.... everywhere I go, every battle I face.
If only Heaven allowed visitors, I'd visit you every day.

Thank you for loving me.

Yours Truly Forever & Eva.
Nadene X. 

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  • John Enoka le

    Blessings to you and the boys Nadene.
    We often look at we haven’t got time to do this or that, but the memories and time with Jonah and the boys together as a family is Gods gracious gift to you all🙏🏽❤️
    The memories of the fun and happy times together is your medicine to push on with success around those that are closest to you.
    Please give your Dad a big brotherly hug from me and next time Deb and I visit the city of sails we maybe able to catch up.
    Kia Kaha
    Arohanui to you all

    John & Deb Enoka

    Moe mai ,moe mai , moe mai ra e hoa, aroha nui (sleep now brother, with all our love )
    If only they had visiting hours

  • jayden le

    I hope someday it gets easier for you he was a great man and a gentle giant, he talked in such a humble manner and would always speak of his family, we miss him also but it doesnt compare to your love for him and he is a legend whos name will continue to be known around the world and for that great try against England and 4 try heroics. RIP Jonah.

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