Legends Never Die

Legends Never Die. Jonah Lomu remains in the hearts of his fans across the globe as wife Nadene and their two sons Brayley and Dhyreille enhance his Legacy with an NFT Drop.

We’re excited to announce that on November 4, Blockasset’s Legends NFTs will be launching on DropZone! The NFTs are inspired by milestones in the athletes sporting careers and each trait is designed to ensure that the athlete’s legacy lives on through the artwork which is created by Dosbrak, who has collaborated with some of the biggest celebrities and athletes in the world; including Joe Rogan, Conor McGregor, UFC, ESPN and Mike Tyson to name but a few.

Legends is the world’s first multi-athlete generative NFT collection and include official and licensed NFTS from the following iconic athletes: the youngest in All Black History, Jonah Lomu, Muhammad Ali, Wayne Rooney, Michael Bisping, and Alexander Ovechkin.

“Jonah would be honoured without a doubt to be part of a lineup amongst some of the World’s greatest. To have his Legacy as part of something that I know his global fans would absolutely love too was important, especially because Jonah and I were always so grateful to his global fan family. 
I spoke with Brayley and Dhyreille to see how they felt about their daddy being part of the collective and together we decided that Jonah being part of the NFT leGENds Collection would be pretty cool and a great addition to the sponsorships and scholarships we currently have in place.
Enhancing Jonah’s Legacy for all to enjoy and to continue being inspired by is a big focus of mine so it felt like the right move to make. After all, I do have a promise to keep to Jonah too.”Nadene Lomu said.


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