Jonah Lomu AllStar Rep

It’s been a full and exciting 2024 so far for Nadene and the Lomu boys as they continue to build upon their father’s phenomenal legacy.

January this year, Nadene gave the opportunity to rising star Andrew Samuel’s, standing at 195cm tall, fresh from schoolboy rugby and onto the field at the Coral Coast Fiji 7’s. Andrew was selected by Nadene, Brayley and Dhyreille to represent Jonah at the tournament as part of the Allstars Team due to his performance on the field that caught their attention. 

“Jonah was an inspiration on and off the field. On the field he was a destructive weapon who was feared by everyone, he was often the last on the field signing autographs for everyone, always giving his time to others. This is what makes him my favourite player.

Too add on to my goals with rugby I want to be able to be like Jonah Lomu and be the last person signing autographs making peoples day just by giving them the time of day. I’m extremely grateful to Nadene Lomu for giving me the opportunity to chase my dreams becoming another step closer, it’s an opportunity I won’t forget, so again I thank Nadene Lomu” said Andrew Samuels.

Nadene, Brayley and Dhyreille remain very much involved in giving back through the various pathways they work on both here in New Zealand and internationally too. Additionally Nadene continues to work with international companies that her and Jonah had previously worked with along with many new ones too who want to pay tribute and be part of Jonah’s Legacy alongside his family. 

The only honourable and respectful way to tribute Jonah is with the blessing, permission and approval of Nadene Lomu who talks everything through with hers and Jonah’s two sons, Brayley and Dhyreille. 

Protecting and growing Jonah’s legacy is something each of them hold close to their hearts as there are none other then Jonah’s wife and sons that he left to uphold his legacy as if he were still by their side today cheering them on!

Nadene has implemented and partnered with various companies and schools alike, offering sponsorships and scholarships to help the next generation achieve their dreams. 

She continues to work hard in protecting and managing their family brand on a global scale and has a lot of exciting projects underway that will be shared in time; despite the exploitation and Intellectual Property Right Infringements she continues to deal with. - Team Lomu

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