Sir Michael Jones, expresses his full support for Nadene, Brayley and Dhyreille - The Jonah Lomu Legacy.

Celebrating and honouring Jonah's Legacy, Sir Michael Jones reflects on his good friend Jonah while expressing his full support for the work Nadene, Brayley and Dhyreille continue to do building upon and honouring Jonah's phenomenal Legacy to help and inspire others. 

"As someone who was extremely blessed and priviledged to not only play alongside Jonah but as one of the many friends he had, I am delighted and hnoured to share some thoughts on Jonah's remarkable life and subsequest outstanding legacy.

In doing so, I marvel and am extremely thankful as are so many, for the diligent and passionate efforts of Jonah's widow Nadene and their beautiful sons, Brayley and Dhyreille to celebrate Jonah's amazing legacy and ensure Jonah's life continues to influence and make a posivite difference in many lives, particularly our rangatahi, our tamariki, the future of our communities across Aotearoa, the South Pacific and indeed globally.

The life of Jonah Tali Lomu, has come to represent one of the most powerful and inspirational stories of a young Kiwi Tongan who over his 40 years journeyed from the tough but hearty streets of South Auckland to be a global sporting superstar and icon, the likes of which the rugby world had never seen before and may never see again. His playing career whether for Wesley College, Zone secondary schools and other age grade rep teams, NZ Sevens and the All Blacks is a spectular highlight reel of power and pace, panache and poetry in motion...on steriods (Tongan taro and Yams of course!).

"His life away from the game was highlighted by and motivated by his unconditional love for others, his passion and heart to serve his fellow man, particularly the next generation. Thosands and thousands of people, young and old, were touched by the aroha of Jonah, his influence permeated many sectors and segments of society, there aren't many communities in Aotearoa New Zealand that weren't touched by his positive influence in some way and still are.

It is this aspect of Jonah's life story that I appreciate more than anything else, including of course his devoted love for his wife, his treasured sons, his family, his kainga and his many mates.

It is the combination of these worlds and aspects of who Jonah was, that the Jonah Lomu Legacy efforts of Nadene, Brayley and Dhyreille is didicated to celebrating honouring in order to uplift empower and inspire others, particularly youth. As an example, the Jonah Lomu Boarding Scholarship has been established at Rotorua Boys High School as has the Jonah Lomu Scholarship at his beloved Counties Manukau for a worthy receipient annually. There are many more scholarships and related empowerment programmes and projects that Nadene and the boys are hugely excited about and committed to. I have no doubt that many of us will continue to support Nadene, Brayley and Dhyreille's vision for their dear husband and father, our brother and mate, Jonah".

"Find out more how you can support the ongoing efforts of Nadene and the boys, let's all be part of Jonah's "Legacy for Life"!. - Sir Michael Jones 

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