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We are the official website of the Rugby Legend and Global Superstar Jonah Lomu, here being the only place you will find personally signed items, authentic autograph items along with up to date and correct info on the big guy himself.

This website has been created for you, our great fan family of Jonah!

Feel free to enquire if there's a specific item you are searching for.

Authentic stockists are listed here however anything else that claims to be personally signed by Jonah Lomu himself is in no way any association unless otherwise approved by Nadene Lomu of Jonah Lomu 7 one 5 Limited. Jonah Lomu 7 one 5 Limited is the only company personally approved with the full support of Jonah Lomu and the Jonah Lomu family brand.  We advise you and therefore take no responsibility for items obtained elsewhere if searching for authentic or genuine items of the Jonah Lomu family brand.

We have offices in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand.

Due to global demand of Jonah Lomu merchandise this store is available to you, our great fan family 24 hours for the rest of life on earth...now that's cool right so it doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can always get your fan fingers on something awesome!

We, the team of Jonah Lomu 7 one 5 and jonahlomu.com want your experience to be a cool one as you click your way through different pages from what is going on with Jonah, to his latest projects and beyond that he and Nadene were working on.

Nadene now continues to carry on the great Legacy work that her and Jonah were working on to bring his dreams to a reality and your support means the world to us all. Last but not least, Nadene and Jonah personally thank you for your endless and continued support of the great Global Superstar Jonah Lomu, his gorgeous family and the crew.

We are all truly thankful to each and every one of you!