Jonah We Miss You

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  • Dennis le

    If only you were Irish !

    Thanks for smashing England with “that try” it turned me into a different player after watching that , even as a ginger kid tried shaving 11 into my eyebrow! Haha

    True legend of my generation

  • Annette le

    We do not forget u miss u jonah.

  • Tony Brentnall le

    Jonah, you are an absolute legend!

    You may be gone, but your name will live on in the folklore of world rugby as one of the best ever to cross the white line and play the game.

    It was an honour to watch you play.

    Rest in Peace.

  • Maurizio Di Filippo le

    Ciao Campione. Ogni volta che vedo le tue immagini mi viene voglia di iniziare a correre e non fermarmi più. Mi fa piacere immaginarti correre anche dove sei ora. Un abbraccio grande da Roma.

  • Greg Hutton le

    Jonah Lomu was not only the greatest rugby player but he was also a role model to kids of all ages.

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