Jonah We Miss You

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  • edgard poulain le

    i have 40 years old too, last saturday nigh my hero came into my dreams as an angel : o god how beautifull it was …no words , in 2002 i bought a little Jonah ’s statue : it stay for 14 years now up to my beds near me as a protector when i sleep… my love and respect to you will live for ever as my pain , i have 2 heroes in my life : the other one is Mandela , may God bless your family and all those who learn to live a better life because of you
    one massive love Jonah !
    a french guy called zigy …

  • Marisa le

    Hi, I’m Marisa Balbi , I live in Argentina , and I knew the story of her husband. We admire the " All Blacks " , and her husband was an idol . Currently transit a disease that causes dialise and I’ll for a transplant , for this reason I became interested in the case of Jhonas . God bless your family , you are lovely !

  • Huw Williams le

    You were a truly physically inspirational figure in World Rugby! You were a remarkable player and your presence in any match made everyone watching get excited by what you are capable of. Some called you a freak of nature, due to your size, strength and speed! You were gifted and probably the biggest name in rugby. I remember playing your rugby game on PlayStation. To think that your life was ended so early is a tragic thought. We are truly thankful for all the wonderful memories you left us. Gone too early and plagued by medical problems. God will look over his miracle and God of Rugby. Rest in Peace friendly giant….

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