BLACK JERSEY'S with forged autograph

If you have just finished searching the net for a personally signed item by Jonah Lomu himself, think twice before buying an online fake!

To no surprise, there are a variety of items including a black jersey that is said to have been personally signed by the global superstar Jonah Lomu himself, we must advise that these items are not genuine items.

Roughly speaking, over the last twelve months there have been a number of black jerseys with a plump fern on the left chest area on the market, these jerseys have not been personally signed by Jonah Lomu as being claimed and it's only fair to let Jonah's fan family know that there are sellers out there falsely claiming they have a genuine autograph by the legend himself. This is no way is a genuine autograph, it's been forged so don't waste your money!

"I was first shown one of these fakes when my wife and I were at an event in Dubai, it wasn't my autograph, nor had I put it on the top which meant there was only one other explination, it had been forged". The pen marking appeared very light which meant obviously a genuine signature could not be heavily inked on but to mis lead as best as possible was their objective. 

I've had more photos sent in since too, the jersey had a label on it that I had never seen or heard of before aswell and more people have sent mail in through my official website questioning authenticity, so when we have been asked we have told them that they have be sold a FAKE.

All I can say is that this is nothing new to me but I wanted to raise the awareness to people so more don't buy a fake or get ripped off really. My website is there for my fan family all over the world and if anyone ever wanted to question the authenticity of an autograph on any item we have a team of staff who woud be able to help with that said Jonah. - Liz Croft

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