Jonah Lomu's world famous try scored against England at the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Jonah Lomu has been honoured as the World Cup's greatest player and described as rugby's version of Muhammad Ali. With the help of Rugby World Cup winner John Smit and former England captain Will Carling, Britain's Guardian newspaper compiled their list of the tournament's top 50 players over the first seven tournaments. Not surprisingly, Lomu, the star of the 1995 tournament in South Africa who fronted strongly again four years later in Europe, headed the list from England skipper Martin Johnson and livewire Australian David Campese.

Jonah the freak, as Will Carling dubbed him. Jonah the sport-changer never mind the game-changer. Jonah, the Muhammad Ali of rugby, the man who transcended the narrow confines of the sport, known far beyond the normal reach of rugby.

Lomu was something else entirely. And who knows just how prolific he would have been if he had not been struck down by that horrible kidney illness at a comparatively early stage in his career. He played through the 1995 World Cup with his illness where his Doctor advised he stop playing but determined and with such a love for the game Lomu played on with a minimal or 30% strength.

We can cite his stats as some sort of evidence of his prowess – 37 tries in 63 tests is none too shabby. But figures will only tell you so much. Running 100 metres in under 10.8 seconds weighing over 120kgs at that, Lomu was made like none had ever seen before and still to this day none have come close.

It remains clear Lomu is a Global Superstar and is held in the highest regards, not just throughout England but everywhere in the world, he's adored and admired for his efforts both on and off the field, people all over the world continue to be the supportive fan family and Lomu in return always takes time on the streets wherever he is in the world and even interacts too through his social media pages taking time out with his fans as often as he can. Twenty years on and he's busier then ever before with so many exciting things to be shared globally very soon!