2024 Rotorua Boys High, Jonah Lomu Scholarship

Nadene, Brayley and Dhyreille had the pleasure in attending the senior prize giving assembly being the final one for the year at Rotorua Boys High School as invited by the Master Principal Mr Chris Grinter and the committee as guests.

Other honourable guests in attendance were the local MP, the Ministry of Education and allumni student's. 

Nadene sharing a photo of herself and the boys said, “they may be young my Jonah Jr’s but together we are FIERCE and will continue to Honour and Protect Jonah’s Legacy that he left for us to share with those we choose and to fight against those that continue to exploit, disrespect and abuse what is given to me by their daddy Jonah.

A Brand we worked so hard at together, his Estate, his Phenomenal Legacy….It’s legally ours and ours alone!
We know without a doubt that Jonah walks with us in spirit, protecting us and always supporting us in all we do!

Excited we are, to announce the recipient for our 2024 Jonah Lomu Scholarship at Rotorua Boys High School last week; attend senior prize giving, spent time with the current recipients and farewelled those moving on…..

It’s an absolute honour and pleasure to give back and help the next generation in striving for greatness in paving their future.

Striving to raise the next generation to be a voice without fear, to be courageous enough that none can dampen, cast doubt or discriminate against. To speak out against a bully and all wrong doings that are happening to us and our people!

Together we stand for truth and justice! This is us, Jonah’s World - Brayley, Dhyreille and I, the mama of Jonah’s sons. The Lomu Family”. XOXO



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