Jonah We Miss You

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  • Gurminder Singh Johal. on

    Watching Jonah at the Rugby World Cup in 95 was witnessing a once in a lifetime player emerge. He had an impact on me like nothing before and nothing since and shook up the sport. It’s astonishing to think he achieved this whilst battling with an illness and that at full fitness he probably would have been even more devastating.
    I’ve been a huge fan ever since and always will be. A great role model with humility and class and an inspiration.
    Thank you for the memories Johah.

  • Deborah Wild on

    I had never watched a Rugby match I am English.
    I was given the opportunity to go to Murray field in Scotland and saw a man who gave me a passion to support the All Blacks for life.

    I saw Jonah for the first time he was a super hero.

    I will never forget seeing this force of talent.

  • sandra Marcham on


    You are so missed , never forgotton THE BEST !!

    We came to visit your resting place , and paid our Respects to You When Visiting Your Home .

    As a distant Allblack supporter from UK . On the 2017 Lions Tour It was something Myself and my Husband wanted to do ..

    Sleep well My Hero

    Gone too soon , God needed you more

  • Craig Murray on

    Watched the anger within for the first time. Had a profound effect on me. It wasn’t his playing that made me love him, it was his humility. Why do we always lose the good ones? Deep deep respect to you up there Jonah and I can only hope to be half the man you were and I’m not talking about his rugby

  • Gary tanser on

    He was a true legend in the game of rugby .
    A one off .
    And a gentlemen as well .

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