Happy Easter our friends

Easter....a time of year some may celebrate and others may not however on behalf of Jonah's wife Nadene and their sons Brayley and Dhyreille, they would like to wish each of you their great global fan family a very Happy Easter and a safe weekend to you and your loved ones...

#FlyHighDaddy #TheJonahLomuFamily #JonahsWorld (made by Brayley)

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  • Aldo FRATELLIA on

    We never forget you
    Stay in peace
    From France

  • Stephen Ford on

    Great Easter picture. Happy Easter to you all. Question: Did Jonah like chocolate? If so, what’s the most Easter eggs you seen him eat lol :) Best wishes

  • Adele Deane on

    Very nice card much love to you all so sad about your dad

  • Adele Deane on

    Very nice card much love to you all so sad about your dad

  • Tina on

    Hi Nadene, from our family to you and your beautiful boys Brayley and Dhyreille. Our family would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter may your Angel Jonah be watching over you and the boys. We know that there will be many a universal Occassion that you all will have to experience without your wonderful Jonah beside you. We his fans will never forget him and nor will we forget to support you through each one. What a kind a beautiful soul you are to reach out and wish each and everyone of us his followers and fans near and far a Happy Easter. God bless you all our love Mani Whanau, Geelong, Melbourne ??

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