Everything we do, we do for you Jonah!

Jonah’s widow Nadene has penned an emotional tribute to her husband that coincided with the seventh anniversary of his passing.

The global sports star passed away on November 18, 2015 at the age of 40 of a heart attack following complications of his kidney disease. His untimely death rocked the sports world.

Three days ago, Nadene, who is bringing up the couple’s boys Dhyreille and Brayley, said there was not a day that goes by that she and the boys do not miss him terribly.

In a Facebook post, Nadene wrote: “If only wishes came true, mine would be for us to do what we always did together and drive, it wouldn’t matter where, just as long as we were together... I know you would bring Rome-Eo to see us too! Even if it meant I had to pick you up from Heaven and return you back, I would. I’d only return you two because I had to. 💔”

“To spend one more moment with you, even if only for a short time back on earth, I know you would sort everything and everyone out that has ever done us wrong and remains too, yet would never be bold enough to take you on if you were still here by my side!”

“All you ever did was protect us and live for us. We were the best team ever and we had the work hard, play harder balance perfected!

“The heartbreak I’ve endured since losing you my love, a bond so strong, no matter where I go or what direction I take, you will always be in my heart and your sons Brayley and Dhyreille’s too, everywhere they go.”

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  • Marvin Ngawaka on

    Life is precious, even more so, when we eventually, find our soul mate.Our families begin to flourish, a unique bond is created, & so it is, until we return back to our maker.yes we will be reunited, with our loved ones one day, this I know to be true..our heavenly father, knows ,& loves each & everyone of us his children.He gave his only, begotten ,son, to show the world, that through him, we shall all be made alive,& be reunited with our loved ones once again.praises, to you & your family, for continuing , on ,Jonah’s legacy.Til we meet again, god be with you, is my prayer & my testimony , Amen..

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