Breach of Nadene Lomu's Intellectual Property Trademark Rights, Class 41

Nadene Lomu has taken to multiple social media platforms including her Nadene Lomu Real Estate facebook page speaking out defending the rights of Jonah and her sons, Jonah's legacy and her ownship of the IP "Jonah Lomu" for Class 41; bringing light to the voilation and breach of her Intellectual Property rights against the New Zealand Film Commission and the producers involved. Releasing the following statement:
"Hi everyone, as we approach eight years since our beloved Jonah devastatingly passed away leaving our side, there has been alot that I have kept close to my heart however, I just wanted to let all of our family and friends know about something very important that is unfortunately happening to us.
On Monday September 25, I sent letters from myself to the New Zealand Film Commission and all producers of the Jonah Lomu documentary as I feel that a Jonah Lomu documentary, without my knowledge and consent is wrong and illegal.
I have attached to this post screenshots of the registered ownership Intellectual Property Trademark documents, which have been lodged, approved and registered with (IPONZ) Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand stating that all and anything to do with my deceased husband - Jonah Lomu’s name, likeness and image, including any film production and entertainment, must be approved and cleared through me as the owner of this IP.
This stops anyone from trying to exploit and make money off Jonah and I want to protect the authenticity of his legacy for our two sons, Brayley and Dhyreille.
In my letters to the New Zealand Film Commission I have stated my support for their tireless and honest work on getting the New Zealand storytelling out to the world and I fully support all they do.
But on this instance, where my Intellectual Property rights have been violated on the production of a Jonah Lomu documentary, made without my authority or consent nor have I been contacted by anyone in regards to the possibility that there might be a Jonah Lomu documentary. I have been forced to write a 'cease and desist’ to the New Zealand Film Commission and the producers involved from continuing down the path that breaches and infringes on my Intellectual Property rights.
The letters I wrote were from myself directly to the parties as my concerns are and have always been, the protection of Jonah’s and my children.
In saying that, I have no idea on what the story-line or direction of this documentary is taking or where the research has come from, nor has anyone in this process paid attention to see if there are any legal or copyright infringements.
Personally, I have been painted in so many negative ways by the media and public, and bringing this issue up on social media could rekindle or bring up more negative things towards me, but as any mother with children would know, their protection of those they love is the most important thing to them, and negative publicity has always followed Jonah around, especially when he was at the top of his sporting career.
If you are wondering why I have posted this, it's incase the letters I wrote start to leak and I am again painted in a way that is misleading and untrue.
This post is for my protection against any misconceptions about why I would write to the New Zealand Film Commission and the producers of the Jonah Lomu documentary who have infringed on my rights.
I wrote the letters out of aroha and for their understanding.
Lastly for now, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart; to each and every one of you that have continued to show your kindness and support to the Jonah Jrs and I; it is never unnoticed and we truly appreciate you all."
Arohanui, Nadene Lomu XOXO
Nadene Lomu is also, the one true owner of the Jonah Lomu Estate in accordance with Jonah's Will.

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  • Jess on

    I fully support you Nadene in everything you do. As a fan of Jonah’s it’s really bad what they are doing to you and your boys. Jonah would not stand for this I know because I’ve seen all of your family interviews and Jonah always professed how much he loved you and lived for you and your boys. It’s wrong what they’re doing darling.

    Keep standing up for what is rightly yours. Jonah would be so proud of you! You inspire me.

  • Matt Preston on

    They’re all a disgrace. They never tried this when Jonah was alive so doesn’t that say enough! You both worked together as a loving family. They all should try sell their own names and see how far they get instead of ripping you and the boys off over their dad and your husband. Disgusted.

    Kia kaha and keep standing up for what’s yours. You’re amazing Nadene and Jonah would be proud of you and the inspiration you are.

    Wish the big man was still here for you all. We all miss him.

  • Jane Tui on

    Hi Nadene, we all know that anyone that truly knew Jonah would know he would never have let any of the bullshit that has been happening to you (only since he passed away) continue. It’s disgusting to see people exploit him for their own benefit disrespecting not only Jonah but you and the boys too! He left his legacy including his company and his trademarks and likeness to you not anyone else. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    Always here to support you and the boys. xxoxx

  • David on

    Heya , Jonah would be proud ! His image and name has been trademark for many years . I would do the same .
    You always going to have haters , it’s like when Jonah had a bad game people talk etc like now . Turn that smile 😒 upside down 😁.

    Jonah biggest and greatest fan
    David Shanks.

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