Nadene Lomu posts heartfelt tribute to Jonah on his 8th year Anniversary passing.

Eight years (broken hearted)…..not a day goes by that we don’t miss you Jonah. It’s been a trip to hell and back since the day you left us devastated…the continued lies, deceit and the wicked continuing to exploit you and your Legacy.
Your Estate and Your Legacy we worked so hard together leaving it for your sons and I to continue and protect.
I will never stop defending your Legacy from all those that disrespect you and us who you loved the most! If only you were still here Jonah, nobody would have ever treated your sons and I the way we’ve been bullied to try take what is ours.
We will always love and miss you Jonah.
We will never stop standing for what you wanted us to fight for and the truth! Nadene posted on her social media pages and her and Jonah's official facebook page too.

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